Remember when the Mayor in The Nightmare Before Christmas started making plans for next year’s celebration the morning after Halloween? That’s exactly what it’s like here at Nerdist, where our personal calendar revolves entirely around October 31. Whether jingle bells are ringing or kids are splashing in pools, we’re always looking for new ways to celebrate our favorite holiday, and we just hit the Oogie Boogie jackpot. Target has released a new line of officially licensed Jack Skellington and Sally kitchenware that will help keep our home and office in the spooky spirit 365 days a year.

This new line of The Nightmare Before Christmas items (we first heard about at Delish) celebrates the King of Halloween Town and his sweet, stitched together lady. The first item is a black polyester Jack Skellington apron ($23.99) that will fit anyone, not just lanky ghouls with long legs.

There’s also a ceramic Jack and Sally salt and pepper shaker set ($19.99). Each colorful piece (Jack = pepper, Sally = salt) stands 2.5 inches tall.

Both characters are also getting their own collectible, sculpted ceramic cups. Jack’s mug ($10), standing 3.6 inches tall by 3.7 inches wide, holds 11 ounces and is designed for cold beverages.

Sally’s mug ($10), which comes in at a slightly larger 3.75 inches tall by 4.1 inches wide, can hold 13 ounces of both hot and cold liquids (including sleeping potions when you need to get away from your master’s castle). Both are hand wash only to preserve their color, and each will be available on August 22. Unfortunately pre-orders are currently sold out.

The last item in the collection is a set of four black Jack and Sally ceramic bowls, standing 9.1 inches long by 6.8 inches wide by 6.8 inches tall. Each ($39.99) comes adorned with beautiful roses and “simply meant to be” on the outside, with Jack and Sally inside.

And the best thing about these? They aren’t just decorations, they’re practical. That’s a big deal when you celebrate Halloween all year. Believe us, we know.

Images: Target

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