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THE WITCHER Cookbook Brings the Continent to Your Kitchen

What does kikimora taste like? Which part of a basilisk has the most flavor? And what’s the best way to prepare leshy? Don’t turn to any chef in this world for answers. Those terrifying creatures only exist on the Continent. But soon you’ll be able to enjoy whole meals inspired by that land of magic and monsters. The Witcher is getting an official cookbook. And it will let you take an authentic culinary trip through that fantasy world’s many lands.

The Witcher Cookbook (which we first heard about at IGN) features 80 recipes inspired by the video game series. The book come from bloggers Anita Sarna ( Nerds’ Kitchen) and Karolina Krupecka ( Witcher Kitchen). Penguin Random House says each recipe is based on “The Witcher’s expansive settings, characters, and lore.” And put together they reflect the types of foods a monster-hunter might encounter as he travels the Continent looking for coin. From the publisher:

These dishes celebrate local and seasonal ingredients while adding unique twists that form a culinary map of the Continent and beyond. Warm up over a bowl of fragrant stew or juicy baked fruit from the namesake trees of White Orchard; end a hard journey to Velen with a hearty, rustic meal at the local tavern; enjoy an aromatic snack as you stroll the markets of Oxenfurt; sample dishes from near and far in the diverse port city of Novigrad; dine onfreshly-caught fish and mulled drinks on the islands of Skellige; feast on rich dishes in the sun-drenched climates of Toussaint and Beauclair; or forage on the perilous road to Kaer Morhen to learn the edible secrets of the witcher’s keep.
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The 240-page hardcover book also includes photos of the meals. You can pre-order your copy now ($35) from Penguin Random House, or from any major book seller. It arrives in stores and in your kitchen  on October 25, 2022.

And just in case it does tell you how best to prepare leshy, make sure you get your tree meat from a witcher and not a butcher.

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