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AMC+ with Ads Is Coming, Lower Cost Ad-Supported Tier to Launch in 2023

Ads are the newest trend in streaming services. We now have Netflix’s ad-supported tier, Disney+’s ad-supported tier, Max Ad-Free, and coming soon, AMC+ with ads will arrive on our screens. As with other streamers’ ad-tiers, this AMC+ option will serve as a lower-cost offering designed to bolster subscriptions. Here’s what we know about the plans for this new ad-supported offering.

Per Deadline, the ad tier will come at a lower cost than the standard AMC+ service. Although, for now, the exact cost of AMC+ with ads remains unknown. We also don’t yet know exactly when the new ad tier will release. However, Variety shares that AMC Networks “expects to launch an ad-supported tier of its AMC+ streaming service later in 2023.” It seems like we can expect it sometime soon.

AMC+ with ads will allow people to stream TWD and more at lower cost. Maggie holds a knife to Negan's neck in the walking dead dead city.
AMC Networks

Kim Kelleher, the company’s chief commercial officer, shares more about how AMC+ intends to incorporate ads into its platform. She notes:

We will place ads in ways that are not disruptive, that are really thoughtful. Some movies will have no ads. Some movies may have a mid-roll, or some will have a pre-roll. It’s not one-size-fits-all, and we get to be very careful in how we place commercials in viewers’ streaming choices. AMC+ subscribers will get access to all content, no matter their choice. It will be the same product on both tiers. We are not going to take series and movies people expect to watch and say that you only get them if you pay more. We want this to be a great viewer experience.

Well, it sounds like a promising start for AMC+ with ads. We suppose we will have to wait for more specifics to see how audiences embrace this latest ad-supported offering. At one time, the beauty of streaming was that there were minimal ads at play. However, with so many streaming options, the lowest cost services could win the day.

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