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Disgustingly Delicious Clicker Cake Lets You Take a Bite Out of THE LAST OF US

Mmmm, clicker for dessert. We’ve seen some drastic survival measures in The Last of Us. But to date, we don’t think anyone has tried to take a bite out of a clicker or any of The Last of Us‘ infected. Probably because they’d most likely get infected if they did. But even if you could consume infected growths… We doubt the results would taste as good as this incredible clicker cake. TheBakeKing took to TikTok to perfectly recreate The Last of Us‘ clickers using frosting, chocolate, and many cake layers. And, we have to say whatever sugary confection he used to add the bloody spittle onto the clicker’s teeth… it is very effective.

Check out this The Last of Us confection as it comes to life.

The Last of Us seems like a bit of a dour theme for a birthday party. But if you had your heart set on it, this cake would absolutely become the centerpiece. Honestly, by the end of the decorating, it’s hard to tell the cake clicker apart from the real clickers that menace our heroes on the show. Looking at it, we feel it will pounce to life at any minute. All that’s missing is for a set of creepy, crawly cake tentacles to emerge from the clicker’s mouth, itching to turn you into a desert version of yourself. And, of course, if this The Last of Us cake starts to make clicking noises… run.

TheBakeKing Clicker Cake brings The Last of Us to life

Ironically, flour had a large hand in spreading The Last of Us‘ infection. It was a major source of the fungus which infected so many people at the start of the series—before any clickers were running around at all. So technically, a clicker cake harkens back to the truest infected of all. How is that for some deeply rooted meta-sweetness?

But, even still, we’d probably take a bite out of this The Last of Us clicker cake if we could… Delicious!

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