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These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

Could you mark your place in your favorite Harry Potter book with a piece of a soul? If the books are as gorgeous as the ones made by PeskyCat Papercraft, a.k.a. Meg Krampf, then I say yes, please! She transformed a paperback box set of J.K. Rowling’s magical series into leatherbound pieces of art and did so without using a spell. She had me at leatherbound, but the books also feature wands on the spines, stamped copper plates, and removable horcruxes–you can pop out each of Voldemort’s horcruxes and use them as bookmarks. I’m pretty sure Meg is a Ravenclaw because this idea is the most clever. She said the project has been on her workbench since before Thanksgiving. I’m not surprised it’s taken this long to complete the set. Meg started the project by having her local print shop remove the spines before she rebound them with the double fan method and made covers from acid free chipboard and black lambskin leather. The bookmarks and wands were purchased from Amazon. She created insets in the front cover for the horcrux bookmarks and secured them with magnets. And that’s not all! Meg’s client, visual.destini, designed endpages for all the books. Meg matched the colors of the endpapers to the colors of the spines on the original paperbacks. You can see one of them in the gallery below and another on Imgur.This set of Harry Potter books was sold on eBay with proceeds going to a charity of the buyer’s choosing, but Meg has an Etsy store. She’s apparently received a ton of messages about how to order a set of the horcrux books and is working on a way to increase her stock. Maybe she’ll start selling single books, too? You can grab her contact information from Etsy and reach out if you want to cast a spell and call these gorgeous tomes to your doorstep.Which horcrux is your favorite–you know, putting aside the idea that horcruxes are evil and awful? Tell me in the comments.–HT: RedditIMAGES: PeskyCat Papercraft

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