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Carrie Fisher’s Final Movie WONDERWELL Sets a Release Date

The last movie by our beloved Carrie Fisher now officially has a release date. According to Deadline, Wonderwell, a fantasy film, will get a limited run in AMC theaters on June 23 with a digital release afterward. It has been a long journey to this moment—seven years, to be exact. The Star Wars icon wrapped filming just six weeks prior to her death in 2016. And between Fisher’s demise, COVID, and the costly visual effects challenges of crafting a fantasy epic, the delay grew beyond what director Vlad Marsavin imagined. But things are thankfully in the clear now, and we will be able to see Carrie Fisher in her last role when Wonderwell hits theaters and digital platforms.

Image of Carrie Fisher in her last movie Wonderwell

For those who aren’t familiar, here’s a quick Wonderwell synopsis: 

Set between contemporary Italy and a fantastical realm, the coming-of-age story follows Violet (Kiera Milward), an inquisitive girl living in Italy with her American parents and her beautiful older sister, Savannah (Tiger Free). When Savannah is selected to be the face of world-renowned designer Yana’s (Rita Ora) fashion label, the family travels to an enchanting medieval village for a photo shoot. Neglected and bored, Violet wanders from the ancient Tuscan town into a nearby forest where she meets the enigmatic Hazel (Carrie Fisher), who warns her about Yana’s beleaguered stepson, Daniele (Sebastian Croft). Guided by Hazel to a mysterious portal, Violet is offered a glimpse of what her future might hold. 

The movie itself sounds very good. And it seems that Carrie Fisher had a great experience while filming her last movie. Marsavin said she celebrated her 60th birthday with the cast and crew of Wonderwell in Italy, partying until the wee hours of the night. That’s the kind of energy that we know and love about her and what we will surely see in Wonderwell when the movie finally releases.

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