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THEY CLONED TYRONE Trailer Sets up a Stylish and Comedic Sci-Fi Conspiracy Mystery

I am willing to watch pretty much anything with Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, or Teyonah Parris in it. So, I am triply willing to watch a film with all three of these powerhouse actors leading the way. Imagine this trio in something that is conspiracy-laden, weird AF, and comedic with a heavy dose of sci-fi action. That’s what we get with They Cloned Tyrone, an upcoming Netflix film with a trailer that hilariously explores a government cloning experiment.


Boyega is Fontaine, a hustler down on his luck who gets into shenanigans with Foxx’s pimp character Slick Charles. Parris also comes into play as Yo-Yo, a “pro” with an outfit that is truly cosplay gold. Fontaine sees someone in his neighborhood being kidnapped and, after some investigating, discovers some nefarious things. There’s an entire secret lab where a clone of him exists. They realize that there’s something in everything they consume and decide to fight to save their neighborhood. It’s kinda reminiscent of Vampires vs. the Bronx where a disenfranchised and predominantly Black neighborhood bands together to fight against a common enemy.

John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris in They Cloned Tyrone trailer standing shocked over a body

I love everything about the They Cloned Tyrone trailer, especially the use of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.” I need to see it immediately. And thankfully, the wait won’t be too long. They Cloned Tyrone will hit the streaming service on July 21 for a dose of chaotic summer fun.

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