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This Spine-Tingling Anatomical Lamp Shines with Gothic Beauty

We all have skeletons in our closets, but not everyone has one just sitting out on a table for all the world to see. Now you can, thanks to Etsy artist theblackenedteeth. They sell table lamps in the shape of human spines for $163.65 and come in either white or black. There’s even a range of lampshades, as long as you want it to be black. The frightening fixture is something we wouldn’t be surprised to see in Wednesday Addams’s room at Nevermore Academy. Now you too can horrify the Enid trying to bring color and whimsy to your life by adding it to your home or office furnishings.

A white spine lamp with a black lampshade

We learned about the Etsy shop thanks to Technabob. It specializes in Gothic Macabre Home Décor. There’s candles in many morbid shapes, like gravestones, doll heads, and anatomically correct hearts. The spine lamp includes a pelvis, but you can also buy one with a ribcage. Or if skulls are more your thing, you can choose from either human or dinosaur. There’s even wedding decorations for those who consider “til death do us part” as a theme and not just a vow. Nothing says love like skull place card holders and femur wall hangings with a customizable message. 

A lamp made of a black spine and black lampshade

Any discussion of anatomical lighting fixtures has to include the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, though that definitely falls into the comedy category rather than Gothic horror. This spine lamp fits perfectly with the set decoration on Wednesday. It could probably match the tone of any other Tim Burton project, past or future. If you’re looking to decorate every room with a different creepy light and love a DIY project, we’ve got a few other options to suggest. You can assemble a robotic spider lamp or convert a popular IKEA fixture into the Death Star, complete with explosion. 

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